If you would like the Move for Inclusion program please send us an email, stating how many students you have at your school and we will send you the program outlining all of the activities. If you would like the Map in order to document your progress please send us your school’s mailing address. Thank you for your involvement with Move for Inclusion.


  1. Posters – with map
  2. Digital copy of games (with point measurement system)
  3. Think – Plan – Act – Learn model
  4. Break down and seminar on how to use it for move for inclusion
  5. How to apply and run your own “MFI” Day with Elementary schools
  6. How to apply “MFI” in your High School


Move for Inclusion is a movement that Celebrate the Hero is implementing from coast to coast, in order to accomplish two things, firstly to get young people to become more active by participating in low organizational games that are designed to allow all children no matter their ability to be able to participate. Secondly, Move for Inclusion is looking to educate on the importance of embracing diversity and moving beyond tolerance and into the celebration to inclusivity and respect.


School Package Breakdown

1. Posters: Every school receives a poster in order to document the amount of movement every school has accomplished. (A tutorial is accompanied to do this)

2. Digital Copy of Games: Same as above only a digital copy.

3. Pledge Forms: Fundrasing is optional, however if schools would like to raise money for a local charity that deals with children or children living with exceptionalities they are welcome to do to so. Just let Move for Inclusion know the number so we can add it to the total number of monies raised in the communities across Canada.

4. Shirts: Clothing is available for sale through our website.

5. Think-Plan-Act- Learn: This model is introduced and applied to the Move for Inclusion initiative; it can also be applied to any initiative as a template.

6. MFI in your school: The ideology of what Move for Inclusion is, and how it can be applied in your school as well as any Elementary schools that your High School is associated with will be discussed.

Note: The Think-Plan-Act-Learn Model is introduced to all schools as part of our “Speaking package”


We thank you for you for your interest in Move for Inclusion, and are looking forward to working with you to get student’s moving and informed on the importance of creating an inclusive society, were every student has the opportunity to succeed regardless of ancestry, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, gender, language, physical and intellectual ability, race, sex, sexual orientation, social economic status or other factors.

Nick Foley