Move for Inclusion

We celebrate acceptance without bias, by raising awareness through action and movement.

Move for Inclusion is an organization that will support inclusion initiatives, non-profits and charities nationwide. MFI encourages everyone to get active and understand the importance of inclusion and acceptance for all individuals. MFI works with schools, businesses, and other organizations to create and implement inclusive programs by participating in exercise-driven event. Funds raised with will go to non-profits in their community that focuses on inclusion. It is anticipated that schools will complete the challenge of getting active and fundraising on an annual basis.
The inspiration of Move for Inclusion comes from the social enterprise, Celebrate the Hero (CTH). Nick Foley, founder and creator of both MFI and CTH, is the proud father of Brynn Amelia Rian Foley. Brynn was born on September 10th 2012 and shortly after diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Nick frequently learns from his daughter whom is his greatest teacher. With an astute understanding of the struggles people with exceptionalities face, Nick and his team are on a mission to improve the world by encouraging inclusion and acceptance of all people without bias.
Our vision is to live in a world that moves passed tolerance and into the celebration of inclusivity and respect for all people, by raising awareness and creating sustainable global inclusive initiatives.


Ride for Inclusion – April 2015

We enhance the lives of people of all abilities through movement.

Ride for Inclusion was the fundraising event that helped launch Move for Inclusion. The event was a nationwide fundraising effort that had Nick Foley travelling from Victoria, B.C to St. John’s, N.F via bicycle over the course of 3 months. Ride for Inclusion encouraged young people to get active and promote inclusion by challenging involved schools to accumulate the same distance Nick would travel (approx. 9,000kms) by participating in physical activities as a school.