To celebrate acceptance without bias, by raising awareness through action and movement.



At Move For Inclusion we are committed to fundraising and community support in a responsible and accountable way.


Our vision is to live in a world that moves passed tolerance and into the celebration of inclusivity and respect for all people. Move For Inclusion supports local and national inclusion charities across Canada that share in this vision.  Each chosen charity has been selected for its commitment to creating a culture where discrimination no longer exists.

How are the funds distributed?

The fundraising event Ride For Inclusion 2015 has been source funded through corporate and private sponsorship. Because of this, we are able to commit 100% of donation money collected to our partner charities, with no administration fees. In this way your donation can make the maximum impact in your community. All donations of $20 or more will be issued a tax receipt; lower amount will receive a receipt upon request.

Every ‘staff member’ of Move For Inclusion and Ride For Inclusion 2015 is a volunteer. Many of us are students or employed full time in other community agencies. Some have even chosen to take leaves from their regular positions to join in this year’s fundraising event. This is another reason that MFI is able to keep 100% of donations as ‘fee free’; the selfless donation of time by every member of our team.


To maintain our 100% donation commitment, MFI will use sponsorship to fund the logistic of the Ride For Inclusion 2015 fundraiser. We would not be able to launch this fundraiser or supply communities with Inclusive Physical Literacy Curriculum if it wasn’t for the generous support of our sponsors.

How does sponsorship work?

Sponsorship is used to make this program accessible to all communities. This support will help to fund accommodations, equipment, nutritional supplies, travel expenses, and logistical needs of the ride.  Sponsorships are eligible for business receipt.

Beyond monetary sponsorship, Ride For Inclusion 2015 has been made possible by sponsored products and services including; venue rentals, first aid supplies, sound, safety gear, a bicycle, accommodations, nutrition supplies, printed material, meals, gas cards, chiropractors and physiotherapy, photography services, and items to raffle.

Benefits of Sponsoring RFI:

  • Build and enhance relationships with community members and local initiatives
  • Develop partnerships with organizations that have compatible ideologies on social responsibility
  • Demonstrate leadership and help share the future of acceptance without bias
  • Impact the lives of various individuals by contributing to the success of a local non-profits
  • Participate in a family-friendly fundraiser that attracts a diverse audience

Together we can help share the future of acceptance without bias.